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Proven Guide to Support Children With Color Vision Deficiency

The GUIDE is for parents who want to get the best start in life for their child without spending hours and days searching about color blindness on the internet or getting random advice on social networks that might not work for their child.

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 Part 1: For Parents 

5. Top 20 Must-Watch Videos

Here are the top 20 videos parents should watch to uncover everything there is to know about color deficiency. 

Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Color Blind

I Listen to Color - Neil Harbisson

The Island of the Color Blind

Color Names Sticker

Through the Eyes of a Colorblind Photographer

Color Blindness in Football​​​​​​​

A Story For Colorblind Children

best books about color blindness
best story for colorblind children

Bob Ross - Shades of Grey

Seeing Through Colorblind Glasses​​​​​​​

Genetics of Color Blindness

I Spent 50 Hours Colorblind

What it's really like to be colorblind

No Such Thing As Color - What it's like to be color blind

Seeing Colors Differently

Colorblind Designer Stroy | My Superpower!​​​​​​​

Colorblind Makeup Routine  

Colorblind Makeup Artist​​​​​​​

My Husband is Colorblind​​​​​​​

Can You Be A Pilot If You Are Colorblind?

Guideline for Choosing Clothes For the Colorblind

Are Dogs Colorblind?

SHORT INDIAN FILM-Nirangal ( Colors )

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