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5 Jobs To Avoid As A Colorblind Person

It is not always easy to choose the right career path for a colorblind person (color deficient). Some individuals who choose the wrong career path do not realize how it is going to affect their future and their life.

When you choose a career where you can face colo-related struggles or due to color deficiency you are not qualified for the job, it can be a truly frustrating experience or can add a lot of pressure on you in your work environment. As a result, many immediately think of making a career switch right at the start of their career journey.

So to avoid this unpleasant experience in the future, it is important for colorblind people to make a wise career choice at first at the initial stage itself.

5 Jobs To Avoid As A Colorblind Person

To pinpoint the right career choice, first, you need to investigate and try out things to find out about the challenges you might face with. Do not follow just your passion alone.

When considering career options, it is crucial to assess your competencies and see if you need any additional training, how many tasks will involve color, can you even work in that field (there are many restricted careers for color deficient people).

  • Different Countries Have Different Laws, So Before You Make Any Decision Please Contact The Organization You Would Like To Work For.


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5 Jobs To Avoid As A Colorblind Person

In the list below, we have mentioned some professions that are restricted or even banned for colorblind people. And some color-related careers that might not be a good fit for a colorblind person.

1. Join the Military / Army

The operational or safety aspects of some military jobs require an ability to distinguish between colors, especially those used for signal lights and flares. Since safety is the main reason for the requirement, this standard is never waived.

An inability to distinguish red from green, or even a vivid red from a vivid green, will prevent a recruit from performing some military occupational specialties (MOS) or ratings.

Top Army Jobs for the Color Blind

While not every Army job may be open for the color blind, they can still join the U.S. Army and enjoy a military career. Whether you’re fully color blind or partially color blind, you can serve in the United States Army. Some of the top jobs you may qualify for include:

Chaplain Caring, Chaplain Assistant, Financial Manager, Human Resources, Maintaining Equipment, Installing Software and Running Programs, Crypto-logic Linguist, Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer, Signals Intelligence Analyst, Intercepting Foreign Radio Transmissions, Mechanic Jobs: Construction Equipment Repairer, Artillery Mechanic, Machinist, Military Law Enforcement, Military Police, Internment/resettlement Specialist, Advertising, Entertainment, Public Relations, Army Band Person, Special Band Member, Public Affairs Specialist, News, Writing and Editing Articles, Taking Pictures, Working With Media, Motor Transport Operator, Cargo Specialist, Healthcare Specialist, Paralegal Specialist.

source: US Military

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2. Medical Jobs

Perfect or good color vision is not yet a precondition for any medical job.

In one study, colorblind doctors were asked about their most common problems caused by their color vision deficiency:

  • body color changes of pallor, cyanosis, jaundice, and cherry red

  • rashes and erythema of the skin

  • charts, slides, prints, and codes

  • test-strips for blood and urine

  • ophthalmoscopy

  • blood or bile in urine, faeces, sputum, or vomit

  • otoscopy

This is an impressive list of diseases that could be wrongly diagnosed or overseen by a colorblind doctor.

According to the color-blindness website, there are many diagnoses not involving colors, it is widely accepted that your colorblind doctor performs as well as a non-colorblind medic. There are also not really any serious errors known based on a misjudgment of a doctor suffering from a color vision deficiency.

But still, there are some situations where color blindness could be the cause for wrong decisions:

  1. If a single sign of observation is essential to take the correct action.

  2. Scanning of an area for the detection of small features (bacilli, rash,…).

3. Pilot

A colorblind person with a mild color deficiency can become a pilot, as long as they can demonstrate their ability to identify the different colors that would pertain to their duties, but if you are completely colorblind you can't be a pilot

Color vision is essential for recognizing aircraft position lights, light-gun signals, airport beacons, approach-slope indicators, and chart symbols, especially at night.

Can You Be A Pilot If You Are Colorblind?

Before checking the requirements you should know that different countries have different laws, so before you give up on your dream job directly contact the organization you like to work for in your country. Read the full article here: Can You Be A Pilot If You Are Colorblind?

4. Designer

Choosing a color is a complicated process that requires careful analysis, but selecting an entire palette of colors for your design can be even more complicated.

colorblind designer, colorblind artists, can i be an artist if im colorblind

Can I be an artist if I'm colorblind? Yes! You Can Absolutely. Art is many things, not only color but rather how you can express something with what you have. You need to learn:

1. Basics about colors & color schemes

2. Color theory and color-matching techniques

3. Psychology of colors.

4. Learn how to use the color picker & color codes.

5. Learn about foreground color & background color.

You should not abandon your hopes of a career in design because you are colorblind. If you want to master designing and selecting colors you can take the first step by enrolling in a course designed for colorblind designers.

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5. Color-Related Careers

A colorblind person should avoid professions where correctly identifying a particular color is critical to their performance or safety of others such as:

Electricians, Sales Clerk in a Paint Shop, Tailor/seamstress, Surgeon, Photos Editing, Chemist, Firefighting, Public Driver, Medicine, Truck Drivers, Home Painter...

Learn more about color blindness (CVD)




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