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My Story

I remember in my childhood I constantly surprised my teachers and family with my amazing drawings like: 'pink river and orange grass'.


I used to go to school and think to myself I must've missed the day other kids were learning colors, that's why it’s so confusing for me.

My sister used to spend hours trying to teach me colors by showing me colorful markers and crayons, and repeating out loud “this is blue, this is orange”, but the problem was never solved and they thought back then that I have a learning difficulty. There was no solution at that time.

In adulthood, things got more difficult, as I had a big decision to make. Knowing I was colorblind made me question whether I can pursue my dream career - architecture? 

I chose to follow my dreams and started to study architecture at the university. I loved to design things, but what I didn't know, that a huge battle of color selection and matching was waiting for me.

Not long after graduating from the university, I started to work as an architect for one firm. I was scared to tell the firm director that I'm colorblind because all I thought was I would lose my job. Every time the director would ask me about colors (ex.: “why the sofa is pink”) I would answer (“it's still in the draft”), and later seek help from my colleagues. 

A few years later I gave up on this career because most of the projects strongly relied on the ‘right’ color selection and I felt I wasn’t capable of doing it.


Years passed and I switched from one field to another. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for a few years, then joined an advertising company as a 3D illustrator, then became a freelancer working on projects like animation, motion graphics, and video editing. Once I even made a fashion collection in Asia, which to this day I am proud of.


With 10 years of trial and error, I found many ways to make it work. Years of research, years of practice, and years of dedication lead me to create my own personal system of choosing the ‘right’ colors for any project and finally working with colors like a pro.

In 2018 I decided to make a product that I had needed my whole life; a training that would teach me about colors as a colorblind person. Now I can help millions of others just like me who struggle with colors every day. My online course is called "Colorblind Guide".

In my courses, I  teach colorblind people just like me how to use and apply colors in their daily and professional life. I help people like me to gain confidence and make independent color-related decisions with less time and brain-breaking effort. Our training is reviewed by professional people in this field and you all encourage us for our amazing product. 

Now if you are colorblind you can visit our website (COLORWILL.ORG) and read more about each course and even if you are not colorblind you can help this startup by just simply sharing with someone that you know who is colorblind.


1. Colorblind Guide for Children/Parents K-12

This course provides advice for parents with color deficient children, as well as fun and educational videos for children to help them learn colors and better understand their condition.

2. Colorblind Guide for Adults

We created a new method of learning colors designed for colorblind people using real-world examples. Students will learn about color theory and color-matching techniques that can be used in different aspects of their life; from work to their appearance. After finishing this course students will have a different perspective about their condition, which will impact their relationship with others and their confidence. 


3. Colorblind Guide for Artists & Designers

This course is designed for colorblind artists, designers, and others who have a color-related career. In this course students will get in-depth knowledge of color schemes, color psychology, color codes, how to work color picker on different software, and how to choose the right colors for projects – this course also includes the Colorblind Guide for Adults. 


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