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Colorblind Artist

Daniel Arsham is the most famous colorblind artist.

He has exhibited his sculptures, paintings, and experiential installations in galleries and museums around the globe. He’s designed architecture and fashion, directed films, and collaborated with artists and brands such as Pharrell Williams, Dior, Pokémon, and Porsche. Also, he’s the creative director for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

Given that wide berth of prominent work, the multi-disciplinary artist only embraced the concept of releasing artwork via NFTs once he realized that he could do something entirely new with the format—something that he couldn’t accomplish with his physical work.

“Just the idea that you could own something digitally—it wasn't interesting enough for me to say, ‘Oh, I want to get into this,’” Arsham told Decrypt. “Anytime I enter a new space, I want to make sure that it's giving me and my audience something that is not possible in another medium.”

Arsham knew about CryptoPunks, the seminal Ethereum profile pictures, and considered the possibility of connecting NFTs to physical artwork—but nothing clicked right away.

However, one of the twins said something to Arsham that stuck in his mind: He could potentially create digital artwork that gradually changed over time.

“For the next couple of months, I was just thinking about this idea,” Arsham said, “like, what could I actually do with it?”

Eventually, that inspiration led to “Eroding and Reforming,” a series of digital sculpture drops that Arsham held on Nifty Gateway.

Each 3D animation shows a sculpture—a bust, body, or car—that gradually wears and crumbles over time before building back into its original form. Some pieces also change with the real-world seasons.Now he’s bringing elements of the previous Ethereum NFT pieces together for the final drop in the “Eroding and Reforming” series on Nifty Gateway, which launches on April 30 with fresh compositions inspired by famed Hollywood films. And there’s a special perk for collectors who complete the entire set.

The final drop will complete the set of 10 “Eroding and Reforming” NFTs on Nifty Gateway. There’s also a benefit for devoted collectors: a bonus 11th piece that will only be airdropped free to those owners who hold the entire set.

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