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30 May 2022

Brad Pitt Believes He Suffers From A 'Special Blindness'!

I don't know about you, but every time I see something in the movies that is somehow related to me - I feel very special.

Especially if it's something related to color blindness!

Today I want to share two scenes with you:

The first one scene is frpm my favorite movie "Hangover 3". Every time I see this scene I can't stop laughing!

*WARNING* The video contains adult language*

The second movie is shocking!

I remember when I was watching it at home with my family after this scene everyone was looking at me. It was like for the first time they understood how color blindness impacts lives.

Ladies and gentlemen here is "Little Miss Sunshine"

*WARNING* The video contains adult language*

Brad Pitt Believes He Suffers From A 'Special Blindness'!

According to the New York Times, Brad Pitt has said he might have prosopagnosia!

Prosopagnosia is not color blindness or overall visual impairment, It is Face blindness. The actor Brad Pitt said in a recent interview that he has prosopagnosia, a rare neurological disorder commonly referred to as face blindness. While Mr. Pitt, 58, has never been formally diagnosed with the condition, he said in an interview with GQ that he had struggled for years to recognize people’s faces.

Prosopagnosia varies in severity; some people with the condition may have trouble recognizing a familiar face, like a friend or family member, while others may not even be able to identify their own reflections. Some people may be unable to differentiate between faces and objects.

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