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Natasha Caudill Is Educating TikTok on Colorblindness One Makeup Swatch at a Time

28 Apr 2022

Natasha Caudill sees the world in black, white, and about fifty shades of gray.

At least that's the joke she's heard practically every week since the infamous book was published. A celebrated content creator with over 1.2 million followers on TikTok, Caudill was born with a genetic condition called achromatopsia. Due to this hereditary visual disorder, Caudill is completely colorblind, has daytime blindness requiring her to wear sunglasses indoors and out during the day, and has overall low visual acuity. Because she was adopted from Ukraine, Caudill doesn't know if any of her biological family has the condition.

Since joining TikTok in 2019, Caudill has quickly made a name for herself by sharing snippets of her daily life as a colorblind person. Her "colorblind storytimes" are a fan-loved franchise through which she shares funny moments that have happened because of her condition. For example, in high school she was voted "best eyes" despite wearing sunglasses every day; in another, she reveals she has an impressive collection of neon-yellow clothing in her closet because it looks exactly like white to her.

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