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Proven Guide to Support Children With Color Vision Deficiency

The GUIDE is for parents who want to get the best start in life for their child without spending hours and days searching about color blindness on the internet or getting random advice on social networks that might not work for their child.

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 Part 2: For Children

2. Learn Colors with Fun

Primary & Secondary Colors

Most kids learn about colors in kindergarten and school. Here we will have a short review of colors presented in videos and songs. These short cartoons focus on the primary & secondary colors.


This is a very important part of any educational program. Children are asked to memorize color combinations like "yellow + blue = green". Even if your child cannot see some of the colors, he/she can easily memorize color combinations. Knowing color combinations can help your child with coloring or any color-related homework. 

*Please note - you have to label all the crayons or markers for your child.  You can do it yourself or purchase some here:

Primary Colors Song (Sesame Studios)

"The Colors Song" by

Peep and the Big Wide World: A Peep of a Different Color

Typical things of each color

If not all, I think most colorblind people memorize colors.

Some colorblind people don’t see if a banana is green or yellow, but they've learned that a banana is ripped when it's yellow. Some colorblind people can’t see the 'purple' color and see flowers as blue, but they've learned that blue is rare in nature and flowers are mostly purple.

Colors are so important and they are everywhere. When people want to explain something, in many instances, color is one of the features that would be mentioned. So colorblind people naturally learn to memorize colors to prevent some awkward questions or situations.

"Colorblind people see with their brains, rather than with their eyes" - Amir Kosari.

In about 80-90% of day-to-day life, all colors follow some scheme or pattern that colorblind people "learn" rationally to decode.

So, in this part, you will see some fun musical cartoons that your child can sing along with and name the colors of different objects or things. This is one of the best ways to help children memorize the colors of the surrounding world. 

You can download this color table for your child and print it out.

Typical things of each color2.jpg

"Colors" - StoryBots Super Songs

"Colors" - StoryBots Super Songs

"When It's Black," Songs About Colors by StoryBots

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