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Proven Guide to Support Children With Color Vision Deficiency

The GUIDE is for parents who want to get the best start in life for their child without spending hours and days searching about color blindness on the internet or getting random advice on social networks that might not work for their child.

Click here to start this FREE online course from the beginning.

 Part 2: For Children

3. Drawing with Me

"Draw With Me" exercise: today we will do a quick drawing game with your child. It will be a simple "green grass, yellow sun, and blue sky" type of painting. 

The purpose of this exercise is to teach your child some of the basic colors. You have probably already noted that some simple things like grass can appear 'yellow or orange' to your child, so in this follow-along video, we will help your child memorize some of the basic colors we see around us every day. 



Using the wrong colors in the drawing is very common among colorblind people. Colorblind children can find these mistakes very embarrassing and it can affect their confidence, especially in school.

There is only one coloring book designed for colorblind children in the market that you can purchase it by clicking here.

Coloring Book!.jpg

This coloring book will help children to memorize the colors of things such as animals, flowers, and everything around them as well.

As a small gift, you can download a few pages of this book below.  With this small gift, your child will enjoy drawing & coloring even more and by seeing the final result, he will be proud of his creation.

You can download each one of these images below and then print them on A4 paper.

coloring book for colorblind children and students 1.jpg
coloring book for colorblind children and students 2.jpg
coloring book for colorblind children and students 3.jpg
coloring book for colorblind children and students 4.jpg

How Did You Like the Course?

As a colorblind person, I created this course with love. I truly wish I had this guide when I was young, so I could save myself a lot of trouble at school, have better grades, and have less struggle with homework.

The one thing that makes this guide special is, it’s not only informative for parents & children but also crafted with a new method of teaching colors to your child.


Now you and other parents from all over the world can access it completely for FREE.

We Need Your Help to Continue Pursuing Our Mission of Helping Colorblind Children Around the World.

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