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All Humans are Colorblind compared to Butterflies


The rods and cones in our eyes contain Photopigment molecules that change their compisition when exosed to light.

Humans have 3 classes of photoreceptors, while butterflies generally have 4 classes.

Butterfly vision is like no other!

- they have ability to distinguish ultraviolet and polarized light.

Butterflies use light to search for food, find potential mates, recognize predators, and distinguish nectar in flowers.

Lastly, butterflies possess ultraviolet patches to distinguish themselves. Some may look idetical, but often male & female will differ only by their ultraviolet markings.

Colors Affects Taste


The exact same thing can taste different depending on the color of the dish in which its served.


That was a discovery of scientists who conducted experiment in which participants tasted the same Hot Chocolate from mugs of 4 different colors



Chocolate in Orange and cream - colored mugs were considered better tasting.


And its not only food, even your favorite drinks can taste better in different colored cups.


"Science Says This Simple Trick Will Make Any Food Taste Better"

Love Affair With Red 歹

A groundbreaking study by University of Rochester found that "Red" made men more attracted to women.


Study showed that colors do affect our behavior.


Among five experiments was one that asked male subjects to respond to photos of women framed by different colors, with questions "How pretty do you think this person is?". Woman on the photos had either blue or red shirt.


Women wearing Red were judged as more attractive.歹

(so that red dinner dress does work)


This was the first work to scientifically document the effect of Color on behavior in context of relations his (2008).


Its seems our world is colorful to us for a reason.


Learn more about color matching tricks and how to make your wardrobe more colorful in " Daily Life" course, designed only for people with color vision deficiency.

Colors Can Play Tricks on Your Mind仄儭

In recent study, a coffee shop with Light Blue walls was soo tired of hearing their customers complain about the cold.

The coffee shop manager decided to paint the walls Orange.


The temperature stayed exactly the same, but the complaining stopped entirely.


Psychology of Color is the key to any business, to any place and even our appearance.


What color do you wear to attend an important meeting!?

- Believe me, it does make a difference.

幓﹋幓幓 阞 幓 "幓幓幓 幓阞幓幓" 唸 汃幓幓幓 幓阞捻花伝?

G幓幓幓 幓幓 幓幓幓 晨幓幓 幓﹎花 幓幓 唸幓幓 幓伝 幓幓 幓幓幓幓.


伝幓幓阞幓伝幓 阞幓幓 幓幓幓汃幓-3 唸幓幓 幓幓阞幓, 幓幓幓阞伝, 幓〧罔氮, 幓伝幓

幓阞幓幓幓阞伝 幓 幓伝幓 幓 幓幓 幓幓 動阞汃幓 幓汃幓 - 幓幓幓幓幓 幓阞捻花伝 幓幓幓幓.


唸幓幓 幓幓 幓幓晨 幓幓 幓阞捻花伝:

儭汃幓幓伝 幓幓動 幓幓汃汃阞幓幓幓 (晨阞伝幓幓, 幓幓幓, 幓幓幓幓)

晨幓幓伝, 幓幓伝幓 幓伝幓 幓幓幓 幓阞 勘虎捩

幓汃汃, 伝幓幓, 幓幓伝 幓伝幓 幓幓幓 伝幓伝 幓幓幓幓 幓幓幓幓阞伝 晨幓幓幓

儭幓幓伝汃幓 & 幓幓幓幓


阞幓 幓幓 幓幓 幓幓阞伝幓幓阞伝 幓幓幓 幓阞幓幓 幓 幓幓 幓阞幓幓, 晨 幓幓幓 阞 幓幓﹥ 幓伝 幓幓幓阞幓伝 幓 汃幓幓幓阞伝汃 幓幓幓阞幓阞幓幓幓阞伝 幓幓幓 幓幓伝 幓幓幓幓幓幓 幓幓 動幓幓 幓幓 幓阞晨幓晨 阞幓幓 幓幓幓幓幓幓幓.


幓伝幓 幓幓幓幓幓幓伝幓幓幓 捩幓幓幓伝 幓幓汃幓幓阞汃 (幓幓幓阞勘花幓 伝幓幓阞幓阞幓伝 晨幓幓阞幓阞晨)

. 儭阞幓幓幓 (幓幓幓伝)

儭幓幓晨幓阞捻花伝 幓幓幓 2 唸幓幓幓 +幓幓幓阞幓阞幓幓幓阞伝

儭幓幓幓幓阞 (阞幓捩伝幓x)

儭幓幓幓幓幓 幓幓幓 唸幓幓幓 (幓幓晨阞幓伝幓幓)

Does Color Affect How You Feel?

While perceptions of Color are some what subjective, there are some color effects that have universal meaning.


Colors in Red area of the color spectrum are known as warm colors - Red, Orange and Yellow. These warm colors evoke emotions ranging from feeling of warmth and comfort to feeling anger and hostility.


Colors on the Blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors and include Blue, Purple and Green. These colors are often described as calm, but can also call to mind feeling of sadness or indifference.


Each color has psychological effect and meaning that can affect our feeling.

Leave me a comment if you want to know the meaning of your favourite color?


Color play an important role in conveying information, creating certain mood, and even Influencing decisions people make.

Egyptians & Chinese Use Colors To Heal

Today I want to introduce you to

CHROMOTHERAPY - Light (or color) therapy


Its a science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony.


Within our body, our organs, muscles, cells and nerves all have a level of vibration. When our body becomes out of balance, disease occurs.


Each color has its own frequency and vibration. .

A study published by the National Institues of Health, saw significant improved skin complexion and feeling through Light therapy.


Each color has different affect not only on our mind, but also on our body.


Ex. Red Light : activates and improves circulatory and nervous system. Aids in the production of red blood cells and collagen cells.


Orange Light : Enhances overall mood. Aids in stomach and digestion issues, as well as asthma and bronchitis.


Would you try it?

Looking for peace of mind at home?

You need a Green corner遲


Green is a lively color!


Symbol of Renewal & Growth寂ts the color you see the most in the natural environment.


Its the color of spring, when everything comes to life.


When you see something Green you know its alive, right?

Its also means balance, calm and harmony.


So its a great color to have around when you are tired to restart yourself after a hard day. Its the reason we feel so great when we are out in the open.


In chromatic therapy, Green is used for anxiety and nervousness, helping a person to regain his emotional balance and inner calm.


Learn more about Color psychology in our course for people with color vision deficiency:

NASA created the first 'Light Therapy' 兩抽


In 1965 NASA discovered that astronauts returning to Earth flatterer space without exposure to gravity experienced muscle and bone atrophy.


To increase production in the muscles and bones of astronauts, it was discovered that broad spectrum of Color Light with exposure to near-infrared light was successful in stimulating cellular regeneration in the bones, muscles and skin.


Since the discovery of the powerful effect that intense exposure to color light has on the body, Chromotherapy has evolved as a treatment of many conditions : cancer patients, burn victims, individuals suffering from bone fractures.


Its perfect for anyone who wants to optimize health and wellness.


In recent years it became popular in spas around the world as it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and overall skin health.


Each Chromotherapy session last around 35 minutes. Depending on your dignosis you will spend longer periods of time under the light of certain color. For broad spectrum of Color Light you can expect that each color will shine for about 2 minutes.

劾攻休 劾劾 埠 佞劾恫 劾休劾恫氣, h 埠劾氣休 休劾劾 佞劾恫 拎拎唐h喫h攻!


For color blind people some food like green veggies can look repulsive.


Its starts from the childhood, when parents think that their child is a fussy eater. But some food, simply have strange unattractive colors for color blind children.


We look at our food before eating, so our eyes send signal to our brain well before our taste buds get the chance. This is a strong factor of how we will precieve the taste and flavor of what we are about to eat.


Many food companies add food coloring: like adding Red colorant to the skin of an Apple Influence consumers to believe the apple is sweeter in taste.


At other times food coloring used to enhance the food's natural color to foods that are normally colorless. This can be seen in seafood industry, where farm - raised salmon, typically an unappealing gray color, is dyed pink to give the impression that the fish is of high quality and very fresh.


So our sense of taste is often fooled by our sense of sight

FENG SHUI (Chinese: 憸冽偌),

also known as Chinese geomancy, is a traditional practice using energy forces to harmonize surrounding environment.

Feng Shui = 'wind - water'

The easiest way to get your life moving by using Feng Shui is to bring energy of specific Feng Shui colors. Color is very powerful, as its an expression of light, and many homes and offices are starved for Light.


One of the basic principles of Feng Shui is principle of 5 elements,

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water


Each of Feng Shui element is represented by a specific color, and color is the easiest way to use the 5 elements principle to bring more harmony into your home.


WOOD: Green, Brown


FIRE: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink


EARTH: Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown


METAL: White, Gray


WATER: Blue, Black


The Right placement of Colors is defined by 'Bagua' enegry map of your space.


Filling your home with good and positive energy is a great thing to do during the lockdown.

From pink and green watermelons to the deep blues and purples of blueberries,

FRUITS come in more shades and hues than any other food.

Why is that?

Past theories have suggested that fruits developed a rainbow - way colors to attract the attention of animals, who spread their seeds by way of eating them.

Fruits mostly eaten by mammal reflect more Green light, and fruits eaten by birds reflect more Red light

There also environment factors that play role in fruit's color like temperature, light, climate etc.

Bright colors in fruits also work as a sign of highly concentrated nutrients called 'antioxidants' that are very good for our health.

Whats your favorite fruit?


*If you cant see the color of some fruits or veggies use applications like:

Color Grab

Color Picker

Color Detector

Learn How To Make Better Color Decisions


COLORWILL, the world's firstcolor training program to help you or your colorblind loved ones learn about color selection and use for personal, design, and business applications.

Improve your color skills and life with our proven color-training programs designed for people with color vision deficiency who want to make better decisions on colors in less time. Courses for children, adults and professionals.


  • Learn How To Select &Use Colors.

  • Create Colorful Projects.

  • Make Smarter &Better Decisions On Colors.


Want to help your child learn colors?

We designedfun & engaging color training for colorblind childrento help them learn colors throughrhymes and games.


Guessing colors can be frustrating and stressfulexperience forcolorblind. Make itmore enjoyable and efficient with new color training system and real world examples. This course will be a great solution for people who are tired of guessing colors of things, or buying a wrong color shirt, wearing not matching socks, and keeping colorblindness as a secret Its for those who want to uncover a new way to approach colors.


Your ability to see and usecolors canimpactyour career. Learnnew tips and resources that can help you select right colors for your projects.

If you are a Graphic Designer, 3D Illustrator, Interior Designer, Tattoo Artist, Photographer, Painter, Fashion Consultant or anyone with color-related career or hobby then this course is for you! Learn how to apply colors in your field.


At first i wasn't sure how this course can help me, but now i feel more confident with choosing colors. All of those negative thoughts and feelings are gone, and i feel I gained some useful knowledge after while. I would definitely recommend thiscourse to others who want to learn more about usingcolors. James Mark

I always felt a lack of supportduring my school days. Every time we had a graph or colorful pie chart test, I would freeze. I have no idea why I was shy to tell my teacher those days, its like I was afraid to say I'm different. When you are a teen you don't want to be different.Thank you ColorWill, for helping people like me to start over withcolors. It's a great vision, that can help many teens and adults like me. Jonathan Zerger


In justTWO- WEEKSyou will gainmore knowledge about colors than you ever imagined.Whether you struggle with colors doing some simple daily tasks or want to learn some basics, this course takes you through every step of the way on how to use colors in your everydaylife.

  • RELATIONSHIP Color plays a big part in our everyday functioning, starting from early childhood. That itself can affect a childs behavioral issues like the feeling of embarrassment and social withdrawal. Such issues continue to adulthood, where it can strongly affect your relationships with others.

  • OPPORTUNITIES Color blindness creates a barrier to entry to a range of occupations (art & design, business, science), and besides those occupations, problems are experienced with colors within many jobs that do not so obviously rely on color.

  • CONFIDENCE Confidence means different things to each person.Color Blindness - the strange question of 'what color it is' from friends/family and others, the secret from classmates /colleagues & boss, the wonder what will the world look like,any color-related conversation, the frustration of an unachievedcareer.

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Colorblind Children

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A Story For Colorblind Children

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Amir Kosari is a colorblind architect and designer.

He is the creator of the world's first online training program for colorblind people. Thousands of colorblind people (children, adults, and designers) who previously struggled with colors were helped by these FREE training programs.  Read more

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