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Can a Colorblind Person Drive? How Do Colorblind People See the Traffic Light?

One of the most common questions people ask about color blindness is: can a colorblind person drive? or how do colorblind people see the traffic light?

As a colorblind person, I have never had any problems driving or recognizing traffic lights.

I know sometimes some people can confuse yellow and green lights on traffic lights since green lights can be seen as white or similar to yellow, but it all depends on the quality of the lights. But I never thought or guessed that this could be one of the main problems for colorblind people.

The way I found out about it was through one of my surveys on Instagram. I asked our followers and 55% of them voted "YES." They do have a problem with traffic lights.

Personally, like many other colorblind people, I used to memorize the colors of things around me, such as my clothes, fruits, flowers, animals, and, of course, the order of how the lights are placed on the traffic light.

The top is red, and the button is green! On horizontal traffic lights, the red light is on the left, and the green light is on the right side.

Many colorblind people believe that colorblindness limits them and prevents them from achieving some of their other goals and dreams. On the other hand, I always try to encourage people to change these beliefs and understand that there are always advantages, and the only thing that limits them is themselves.

To answer questions related to driving and how colorblind people see the traffic lights, let's watch my interview with a young colorblind car racer, Zach Makos.

  • 2nd Place - 2021 Bertil Roos F2000 - Pocono Raceway

  • 2nd Place - 2021 Bertil Roos F2000 - Pocono Raceway

  • The first two auto races ever competed in at 15 years old

  • 2021 Series Champion - Rotax Max Challenge East - Sr. Heavy

  • 1st Place - 2021 Rotax Max Challenge - New Jersey Motorsports - Sr. Heavy Division

  • 1st Place - 2021 Rotax Max Challenge - United Karting - Sr. Heavy Division

  • 1st Place - 2021 Rotax Max Challenge - Lafayette Motorsports Park - Sr. Heavy Division

  • 3rd Place - 2021 Rotax Max Challenge - Oakland Valley Race Park - Sr. Heavy Division

  • 4th Place - 2021 F-Series at NJMP - Sr. Division

  • 7th Place - 2020 F-Series Overall Championship (7/38 drivers) - Sr. Division

  • 4th Place - 2020 F-Series at Raceway Park - Sr. Division

  • Various top 10 finishes in 2020 as a rookie

Zach received a special exemption at 14 years old to race in the Senior division because of his size. The Senior division has the most experienced, and competitive drivers. Typically, a driver enters this division at 16 years old.

Zach is not only a race car driver but also a social educator on color blindness. His mission is to educate people, businesses, teachers, and organizations about the challenges of being color blind.

So that was my interview with zack I hope you liked it! I hope this interview will encourage you to think about your dreams and wishes and help you take a small step towards your bright new future!

Zach Makos

A Colorblind Race Car Driver

Can you still drive if you are colorblind?

Overall, many individuals with a color vision impairment experience little, if any, challenges. Most daily activities, including driving, are possible for them.

Is it legal to drive if you are colorblind?

It depends on where you are!

If you are in the US, you can drive anywhere in the country if you are colorblind. There is no law prohibiting it in any state that I know of.

The reason it is legal is that you don’t need to see the colors. You just need to know the order of the lights. We know red is on top, yellow is in the middle, and green is on the bottom.

Can color blind people drive efficiently?

If you are referring to traffic lights, colorblind people memorize the position. Red on top, yellow in middle, and green on the bottom. And for signs such as stop signs drivers need to understand their meaning and not the color.

Can I get a driving license in the US if I am color blind?

Color blindness would have to be very severe in order to impact licensure in any way. The vision test they'll administer has to do with distance more than interpretation of color. In some states, including Oklahoma, there will be a portion of the vision test which involves color interpretation, but you will be allowed to consider the questions in that test in a way that respects your color blindness and still get along in the process. If anything, this will involve a simple medical exemption, and then only in the most extreme cases.

In other words, you can probably fake it. The importance of being able to operate a motor vehicle in the United States is such that licensure is rarely limited or restricted. Pretty much anybody can show up and get a license.

I have never heard of anyone being denied a driver's license in the US because of color blindness. Now, it is true that the separate states of the Union issue their own driver's licenses with separate guidelines, but these are sufficiently uniform such that I can confidently assert you will face no problems because of mere color blindness.

Can I get a driving license in the UK if I am color blind?

Color blindness is not a disqualifier in the UK. I know several people who are color blind to some degree and hold a driving license.

Can colorblind people get a driving license in Australia?

People with red-green color blindness can obtain a motorbike or vehicle license. They can also get a commercial driver's license.

Can colorblind people get a driving license in Singapore?

A Singapore driving license applicant must pass the Ishihara Test for color perception. The Ishihara Test will be difficult for colorblind candidates to pass. They will be directed to an eye doctor who might do a quick test asking the candidate to identify the red, green, and amber colors in random order. After passing this test successfully, the candidate may be granted medical authorization to drive in Singapore.

Can colorblind people get a driving license in Malaysia?

To get a Malaysian driving license, candidates are tested for any possible color blindness and vision deficiency problems. Passing a color blindness test is a prerequisite to attempting the computer-based traffic signs and rules test and practical driving test. To test Deuteranomaly, Protanomaly, Protanopia, and Deuteranopia (Red-Green color blindness types), you will be asked to indicate correct numbers, letters, and/or shapes, surrounded by a colored dot pattern, on a multiple choice response format (Ishihara test). In addition to the Red-Green test, candidates will also be asked to correctly identify sample car registration numbers and basic colors in order to test their reading and color detection abilities. The duration of this test is 15 minutes only.

By 2020 mild to medium color blind people can obtain a driving license.

Can you be a truck driver if you’re colorblind?

The answer is No. You cannot be colorblind; it is one of the primary physical requirements for truck drivers. Truck drivers must have a vision that is at least 20/40 with glasses or corrective lenses and a field of vision that is at least 70 degrees in each eye.

Is this all making sense? Yes. After all, American highways and roads are traversed by truckers operating enormous vehicles. In order to perceive and respond to everything around them in order to be as secure as possible, they need to have excellent eyesight. A catastrophic tragedy could occur if a colorblind truck driver is unable to discern between a red light and a green light.

Can colorblind people drive in Europe?

Yes, you can. The European Union has also dropped the provision of color blindness to obtain a driving license

Can colorblind people drive in Turkey?

Unfortunately, colorblind people can't obtain a driving license in Turkey. It is illegal for color-blind people who live in Turkey to have a driver's license. The laws were implemented based on a fear that colorblind drivers could not read traffic signals.

Can colorblind people drive in Romania?

Unfortunately, colorblind people can't obtain a driving license in Romania. It is illegal for color-blind people who live in Turkey to have a driver's license. The laws were implemented based on a fear that colorblind drivers could not read traffic signals.

Can colorblind people drive in China?

Since 1996, when the country's present driver management policies went into effect, it has been illegal for those who are colorblind to test for a driver's license. But you can obtain a license if the color is weak (if you can pass the test).

Before you can even take the 100-question exam, you have to receive a certificate from a hospital that includes said color-blind test.


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