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Good Careers for Colorblind People

The simple answer is that a colorblind person should avoid professions where correctly identifying a particular color is critical to their profession and safe for others. If you are color blind It’s easier to list jobs you can’t do because you can do nearly any job regardless of color vision.

Firefighters, police officers, a lot of military positions, pilots, and astronauts are the main things you can’t be as a colorblind individual and you will often be outright rejected if you tried to apply for them after going through a medical screening.

I think you know your limitations better than anyone else, & that you should focus on your passions & strengths.

What Jobs Are Good for Colorblind People?

There are numerous occupations for those who are colorblind, including software developer, statistician, data scientist, financial manager, therapist, psychiatrist, lawyer, teaching, culinary work, business careers, writing, actor, politician, trade jobs, bank tellers, child care assistants, dispatchers, social workers, receptionists, and travel agents... all of these fields and more do not exclude colorblind people and most will not be difficult to do with color blindness.

What jobs are good for colorblind people

Some like being an artist, designer, chef, or electrician can be difficult, but far from impossible and quite manageable with the right assistance and tools.

A colorblind person’s guide to using color

Colorblind People can use several ways of compensating in their chosen professions, from accepting help from others to using specialized equipment such as color differentiation software and tinted lenses that can help with color perception.

Colorblind people may find jobs that rely on color perception more difficult, but with the right adaptive equipment and TRAINING, they can thrive in the profession of their choice.
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Are there currently any treatments for color blindness?

There are no preventative treatments as it's genetic. However colored filters, spectacles, and contact lenses have been introduced that can alter someone's color perception. They might allow the wearer to see a few more colors or colors nearer to how a person with normal color vision would see them, but it doesn't solve the issue. Color blindness affects so many aspects of our lives. You can learn some tips & tricks at this online training course designed for colorblind people.

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