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How many people do you think are colorblind on the planet? What country has the most colorblind population? Here Is The Population of Colorblind People in 22 Countries.

What Percentage of the Population Is Color Blindness?

There is general agreement that 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women are colorblind (approximately 4.5% of the world population), as a result, there are more than 350 million colorblind people in the world.

This number increases every year according to the world's population growth (1.05%). You can compare this number to the whole US population (332 Million).

Approximately 12 children with color deficiency are born per minute.

In a class of 25, one, and possibly more students, likely will have difficulty distinguishing colors. A Step-By-Step Guide To Help Children With Color Vision Deficiency

Different Types of Color Blindness

The terminology of the "colorblind" word can be misleading. Most colorblind people can see many colors but not as broad as others. It is extremely rare to see in black and white.

According to Colblindor, 99% of all colorblind people are suffering from red-green color blindness. The numbers of people with Monochromacy color blindness (Total color blindness) are very small, perhaps 1 in 33,000 people.

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What Country Has More Colorblind People?

Countries with larger populations and Isolated communities with a restricted gene pool have more populations of people with color deficiency. India has the highest number of colorblind people population in the world with 70 million being colorblind. China is the second country with 53 million colorblind people population.

50 Unique Gift Ideas for Colorblind People

What Percent of the Us Population Is Color Blind?

According to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, about 3.7% or 12 million Americans are colorblind (7 percent of the males, and 0.4 percent of the females).

What Nations Are Most Affected by Color Blindness?

Countries with a restricted gene pool sometimes produce high proportions of color blindness, including the less usual types. Arabs have the highest percentage of color blindness among other nations.

Arabs, Indians, Russian, Norwegians, French, Dutch, Swiss, Scots, and Germans are the most affected nations by color blindness.

What Nations Are Most Affected by Color Blindness

What Ethnicity Is Color Blindness Most Common in?

Color blindness is most common among the caucasian race. As many as 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women with Northern European ancestry have the common form of color blindness.

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The Population of Colorblind People in 22 Countries:

How many Indians are colorblind?

India's population is 1.38 billion, and 5.2% of the population or 70 million Indians are colorblind. 1

How many Chinese are colorblind?

China's population is 1.43 billion, and 3.7% of the population or 53 million Chinese are colorblind. 2

How many Americans are colorblind?

U.S population is 332 million, and 3.7% of the population or 12 million Americans are colorblind. 3

How many Indonesian are colorblind?

Indonesia's population is 270 million, and 4% of the population or 11 million Indonesian are colorblind. 4

How many Brazilian are colorblind?

Brazil's population is 212 million, and 3.77% of the population or 8 million Pakistanis are colorblind. 5

How many Russians are colorblind?

Russia's population is 142 million, and 4.8% of the population or 7 million Nigerians are colorblind. 6

How many Pakistanis are colorblind?

Pakistan's population is 230 million, and 2.75% of the population or 6 million Pakistanis are colorblind. 7

How many Bangladeshis are colorblind?

Bangladesh's population is 163 million, and 3.35% of the population or 5.5 million Bangladeshis are colorblind. 8

How many Nigerians are colorblind?

Nigeria's population is 201 million, and 2.2% of the population or 4.5 million Nigerians are colorblind. 9

How many Germans are colorblind?

Germany's population is 83 million, and 4.1% of the population or 3.4 million Germans are colorblind. 10

How many Turks are colorblind?

Turkey's population is 82 million, and 3.9% of the population or 3.2 million Turks are colorblind. 11

How many Britons are colorblind?

UK population is 66 million, and 4.5% of the population or 3 million British are colorblind. 12

How many French are colorblind?

France's population is 67 million, and 4.55% of the population or 3 million French people are colorblind. 13

How many Japanese are colorblind?

Japan's population is 126 million, and 2.4% of the population or 3 million Japanese are colorblind. 14

How many Filipinos are colorblind?

Philippines Population is 108 million, and 2.83% of the population or 3 million Filipinos are colorblind. 15

How many Iranian are colorblind?

Iran's population is 83 million, and 3.55% of the population or 2.9 million Iranians are colorblind. 16

How many Thai people are colorblind?

Thailand's population is 69 million, and 4% of the population or 2.7 million Thais are colorblind. 17

How many Mexicans are colorblind?

Mexico's population is 127 million, and 1.45% of the population or 1.8 million Mexicans are colorblind. 18

How many Canadians are colorblind?

Canada's population is 38 million, and approximately 4.5% of the population or 1.7 million Canadians are colorblind.

How many Malaysian are colorblind?

Malaysia's population is 32 million, and approximately 3.2% of the population or 1 million Malaysians are colorblind. 20

How many Australians are colorblind?

Australia's population is 25 million, and approximately 2.2% of the population or 0.5 million Australians are colorblind. 21

How many Singaporeans are colorblind?

Singapore's population is 5.7 million, and approximately 2.25% of the population or 130 thousand Singaporeans are colorblind. 22

If your country is not on the list and you want to calculate how many color deficient people are in your country (approximately), then you can use this formula:

Totall population*4.5%= amount of colorblind people

* It's an estimated calculation

*Population (2021) by World Meters

50 Unique Gift Ideas for Colorblind People

Are there currently any treatments for color-blindness?

There are no preventative treatments as it's genetic. However colored filters, spectacles, and contact lenses have been introduced that can alter someone's color perception. They might allow the wearer to see a few more colors or colors nearer to how a person with normal color vision would see them, but it doesn't really solve the issue. Color blindness affects so many aspects of our life. You can learn some tips & tricks at this online training course designed for colorblind people.


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