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COLORWILL | Giving a Colorblind Child the Best Start in Life

Color blindness is very common; 1 in 12 males and 1 in 200 females are colorblind. It affects 8% of the male population, 13 million in the US, 30 million in Europe, and 350 million colorblind people worldwide.

There are many types and degrees of color blindness, so not everyone is affected in the same way. Although there are similar challenges each color-deficient person experiences throughout life, for some those challenges can reach an extreme degree.

Color Blindness: Childhood

In childhood, challenges for children with color vision deficiency begin from an early age.

Color is a form of communication that plays one of the major roles in memory training and information recognition in educational systems - kindergartens and schools. Young students are expected to learn colors from the age of 4, and those who do not master this skill may be mistakenly diagnosed with learning disabilities or simply labeled as "inattentive" or "lazy" children. Being able to see, name, and use colors correctly is a requirement for many school activities, homework, and examinations; it can make children fall behind on subjects, as well as affect their social communication skills.

colorblind children
Colors correctly is a requirement for many school activities

Why Should Teachers Get Involved?

Teachers need to be aware of your child's condition to provide a suitable classroom environment and to make sure a child gets all the necessary materials in the correct color formula (appropriate whiteboard markers, color label stickers, color-free homework assignments/exams, etc). Unfortunately, the majority of teachers around the world are not aware of what "colorblindness" is, or they simply do not know what to do about it.

Over time colorblind children can develop coping strategies to compensate for their vision deficiency, so unless teachers are there to accommodate their needs, the life of colorblind students can be unnecessarily difficult and confusing.

Color Blindness: Adulthood

The challenges do not stop after a child graduates from school. Color vision deficiency can have a profound influence on a person’s choice of occupation. When it comes to choosing a career, it can be a very hard and unwished decision for your child. There are over 30 restricted occupations ranging from art/design, technology, medicine, military, and even certain business-related careers.

How COLORWILL Can Help Your Child?

We live in the information age, by a simple search on google you can find thousands of results about color blindness. In social networks, people share their experiences and can answer your questions by giving you some tips and advice.

But the real problem is, that a lot of the information on this topic is coming from outdated sources, or people's experiences, which may not work for your child or be even harmful.

After hours of searching and reading the information on the internet, you can end up even more confused. We know, we've been there! We read all the comments, blogs, joined groups, and even went as far as reading the latest research papers - that's how we know the information on the internet cannot be trusted.

That's why COLORWILL will save you time, and energy and most importantly provide you and your child with safe and reliable information that has been approved by professionals in the color vision field.

Dear parent, welcome to the world's first step-by-step guide for people with color deficiency!

Everyone knows that being a parent isn’t easy. At COLORWILL their focus is to help and navigate parents on the right path to the successful future of their children. You will receive short training that combines everything you should know about this condition and steps you can take as a parent, as well as educational videos that will help your child to learn colors better.

Proven Guide For Parents To Make Sure Your Child Is Happy And Confident



The GUIDE is for parents who want to get the best start in life for their child without spending hours and days searching about color blindness on the internet or getting random advice on social networks that might not work for their child.


  • 3 Videos on How to Present Color Blindness in a Good Light to Your Child, Including my story

  • 6 Video Animations To Help Your Child Memorize Colors For Daily Use

  • 30 Most Common Questions & Answers For Parents

  • Game Training: Learn What Colors Your Child Struggles With

  • How To Set Colorblind-Friendly Filters On Any Device

  • 1 Musical Animation Designed To Help Your Child With Drawing

  • Animation, Explain Color Blindness to Children!

  • Children's Book "Play With Colors"

  • Access To 20 Must-watch Video Collection

  • A Bonus Bundle About Colorblind Glasses: Should You Buy Expensive Colorblind Glasses For Your Child? Is It Worth The Investment?

  • 1 Video & Downloadable File Including Colors Of Things In 10 Color Categories. Your Child Will Easily Learn The Colors Of More Than 100 Things, Including Animals, Flowers, And Fruits.

  • Full Guideline For Your Child's Teachers Or School

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