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50 Unique Gift Ideas for Colorblind People

At times, choosing a gift, especially for a colorblind person can feel like a never-ending process: the research, the decision-making, and finally, getting that perfect gift that suits your budget. I'm sure we've all seen how this process can take several days. Isn't it exhausting, though?

In this blog, we will share more than 50 unique gift ideas related to color blindness that will save you time & money and will make up a "perfect" budget-friendly gift. You can buy some of these gifts for your colorblind friend, a family member, or even yourself!

I love the colorblind t-shirt gift

I love the colorblind t-shirt gift Click Here

Support color blindness by having one of these products

I love the colorblind t-shirt gift

Color Blah!

A very unique gift that all colorblind people would love it. I've got one for myself.

I love the colorblind t-shirt gift Click Here

Support color blindness by having one of these products

I love the colorblind t-shirt gift

I love the colorblind t-shirt gift Click Here

Support color blindness by having one of these products

What Would Be the Best Gift for a Colorblind Person?

People with color deficiency depending on the type of colorblindness cannot differentiate between some colors like red and green. The worst gift that you can give is something that makes fun of their condition. The best gift simply is something that shows your support and understanding of color blindness.


50 Unique Gift Ideas for Colorblind People

In the categories shown below, you can find the 'perfect gift for someone special, your dear friend, or even your- lovely self depending on your budget and needs.

Gift Ideas for Colorblind People in Different Price Range;

Price $


Decorate and personalize stickers for laptops, windows, and more. Stickers are one of the most popular gifts for everyone.

Super durable, water-resistant, and comes in different sizes.

Stickers gift for colorblind people
Stickers gift for colorblind people


Just one sip seems to make everything better. Everyone favors gifts that are personal to them and there's always room for a special mug in someone's life.

Did you know that a recent survey revealed that 60% of people said that they had an emotional connection to their mug?

mug gift for colorblind people
mug gift for colorblind people


120 pages

Cover 350gsm, paper stock 90gsm

gift for colorblind peoeple - gift for teachers - support color blindness


Price $$

"I'm A Limited Edition"

One of the best-selling gifts is a "limited edition" script. Everyone likes to feel they are special or have something to remind them they are unique.

Check out more than 70 products with this artwork on them, I'm sure you will find a few interesting products to make your friend or your family member feel special.

colorblind gift for colorblind - colorblind t-shirt colorblind

How Do Colorblind People Deal With Traffic Lights?

Seeing red and green colors at the traffic light is challenging for colorblind people and they usually see red and green colors in a similar shade.

Most people with normal vision always ask colorblind people how can they drive. The secret is, that they merely memorize the order; the red color is on top and the green color is at the button.

In this artwork, you see a traffic light with two signs on the sides;

"RED on the top, GREEN on the button". (two Version)

colorblind gift for colorblind - colorblind t-shirt colorblind

gift for colorblind - t-shirt for colorblind - funny colorblind gift

To Me, Everything Looks Normal!

If you ask a colorblind person about how they see the world, they would tell you;

To me, everything looks normal!

(Two Versions)

cool gift for colorblind people

Gift for colorblind -

What Color Is It?

This is the most common question that everyone asks colorblind people, and colorblind people don't like it at all! Just imagine how wonderful and funny it is to have a product with this testing question.

What color is it? colorblind mems - gift for colorblind
best gift for colorblind  -

Color Blindness Artistic Expression

All the colors are the result of the reflection of the white colors on the objects, and colorblind people just see some of those colors. their eyes work as a filter for white light as you can see in the artworks below.

I'm Not Colorblind. I'm Unique.

This design is very unique, and it's a perfect gift to show your support.

If you are colorblind maybe it's good to have one of these products for yourself.


SUPPORT Color Blindness & Increase AWARENESS:

All of us need to learn more about color blindness and inform others about it. Some people still think a person with a color deficiency can only see in black and white! And some parents don't know their child might be color deficient.

Gift for colorblind person - support colorblindness

1 in 12 men & 1 in 200 women are colorblind!

 50 Unique Gift Ideas for Colorblind People

 50 Unique Gift Ideas for Colorblind People

About 4.5% of the entire population is colorblind

This design is really helpful to grab people's attention and inform them about color blindness. You can give these products to people with normal vision, and when other people see these products they will understand so much about color blindness, and it's a great help to change the world for people with color deficiency.

 50 Unique Gift Ideas for Colorblind People


Best Gift Ideas for Colorblind CHILDREN:

Color me! Coloring book for colorblind children: coloring with a written guide for colorblind children who can't see all the colors. This is how ... enjoy drawing without feeling embarrassed.

Place an Order on Amazon.

A Story For Colorblind Children

"Play With Colors". A Cute Children Story To Teach Colorblind Kids To Love Their Unique Vision.

Place an Order on Amazon.

Color Names Stickers

Another great gift for children is the color name stickers.

Labeling colors is one of the most common strategies that can help colorblind people at school or at work. It can help them never miss important information and fully understand the subject. For example, teachers can use labels for charts and graphs or use colored names stickers for colored pencils/markers for drawing. Read more

color names stickers for colorblind children

There is at least one colorblind student in every classroom, It's good to remind teachers about colorblind students by giving a unique gift related to color


Gift Ideas for Colorblind Designers

There are so many successful colorblind designers in the world and color blindness never stopped them to follow their dreams & passion for becoming an artist. You can support your friend, colleague, or yourself by getting this gift.

colorblind designer problem

Choosing colors for artwork and projects is always challenging, but with great tools, this process can be easy even for a colorblind person to pick the right color, especially on the color picker in any software.

color codes for colorblind designer - gift idea for colorblind artists and designers

To solve this problem colorblind designers need to have access to a chart of color codes, which I never saw anywhere but in this thoughtful product, there are both RGB and HEX color codes for 14 colors on it (Cyan, Sky Blue, Blue, Violet, Purple, Magenta, Rose, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Spring Green).

By having these products your colorblind friend can see all the color codes in front of him. This is product is so handy at work!

Sticker Color names label:

Color-name stickers are one of the most useful products with a big impact on colorblind people's lives. This product is very useful for colorblind designers to put the name off the colors on the ink, paint, pencil, etc.

you can buy different styles and sizes here;

10 stickers small size (same name on each sticker)



It’s good to have some of these products as a good reminder for teachers or schools. There is at least one colorblind student in every classroom.

Gift Ideas for Colorblind People

Are Colorblind Glasses a Good Gift to Surprise?

We all saw some of those emotional videos where someone surprises a colorblind person with a pair of colorblind glasses, they try the glasses on and start to look around and cry. If you think it works for all color-deficient people and it solves the problem, well it's not entirely true.

Do colorblind glasses really work?

A Suprise Praty? Definitely NO!

The colorblind glasses companies state that the glasses might not work for everyone. Just imagine a few friends or classmates gathered together to surprise a friend with an expensive pair of colorblind glasses.

It's an amazing and beautiful gesture, but if the glasses don't work, that person will feel hopeless that even the famous glasses didn't work for him. It's not a pleasant surprise when the result is not pleasant. It would simply upset everyone in the room.

So what you can do? It’s better one day to take your friend or your family member to one of the optic shops in your city that sell those colorblind glasses, try them on, and see if they work. If they work, you can buy one pair for your dear one with less stress and pressure.

Learn more about color blindness (CVD)



Colorblind Children

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