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Pink River & Orange Grass| This Story Is Real!

Young students are expected to learn colors from the age of 4, and colorblind children may be mistakenly diagnosed with learning disabilities or simply labeled as "inattentive" or "lazy" children.

Hi, My name is Amir, and I’m colorblind!

When I think about all my memories from childhood, I think I had the dumbest experiences with color blindness, and I really hope nobody lives life like me anymore.

I believed that I was completely a normal kid, but for some reason everything around me was against this fact,

Just imagine 30 years ago, the world without cell phones, and google. For a long time, we didn’t know about color blindness at all, and it caused me so many problems :)

I was an average student in the school, and couldn’t do most of the color-related tasks like others.

Every time I drew something, I witnessed my teachers, other students, and my parent’s eyes popping out, and it wasn’t because I was good at it. It was because of red leaves, gray tree trunks, pink river, and orange grass in all of my drawings.

Keep in mind that we didn’t know I was colorblind, and we had never heard of it.

I remember when my school changed blackboards to whiteboards. At first, I was so excited, but then I realized that I see all the colored lines on the white background appeared black to me. So guess what? I wasn’t an average student anymore, and things got worse. And from then, I was labeled as a person with learning difficulties too. Surprise!

I remember a day my teacher asked my mom to come to school and showed her my notebook, which was primarily written in red! So my teacher suggested my mom take me to a therapist!

I understand It wasn’t normal

Just to make it clear for you, I wasn’t a psycho kid. The reason I mainly wrote with one color was that I constantly lost my pencils and pens in school, so the only available option was to borrow an extra pencil from my friends in class, which was the red color because it was less useful for others.

Those tiny red lines appear as black to me. I hope you understand me because they didn’t.

After a while, I was sure that part of the problem is I don’t know the color names altogether, but I didn’t know why? Till one day, I said, “mom, I understand why I don’t know colors. The day that they taught colors, I wasn't there, so I didn’t learn It!

So my sister started to teach me colors, this is red, this is purple, and this is a green dummy! But the problem didn't solve, and I was wondering why there were three blue and four yellow in the colored pencil box?

After several times trying in a few months, nothing changed, and we agreed that probably I couldn't see some colors! Which wasn't normal for others.

Do you know what I love most about childhood? The way children see the problems and create a solution for them.

I used to play soccer. I always got injured on my knee or my elbow. The most common treatment among kids in those days was to put saliva on it and keep it in front of the sun to get dry and continue the game! So the sun was the cure for everything.

Then I thought I should let more sunlight in my eyes to cure this situation and from that moment I started to stare at the sun!

Just imagine while all the kids are playing around at school, one kid stands and looks directly at the sun, and of course, the tear falls off! Such a normal kid right?

After a few time sun treatments, of course, nothing changed, so as a creative child, I was looking for another source of cure till I saw someone welding in a construction building near our home with a super bright light. And it was an aha moment for me! More light means a faster cure!

So I stared at it for a few minutes, and I felt so dizzy and sick, of course. At night my eyes swallowed, and for a few nights, I couldn’t sleep with so many tears and pain.

What I like about this story is not to share with you how much I was dumb and did stupid things that could heart my eyes completely. The story behind it is that I was always looking for a solution for my condition and didn’t want to accept there was something wrong with me.

Finally, one of the days in summer when I was around 12, one of our relatives living abroad came to our home after many years. She saw my drawing, and she told my mom that “OH, He’s colorblind, the same as my son!

My heartbeat increased.

Whaaaaat colorblind? and suddenly I fell in love with this world, such a great name, COLOR BLIND.

I doubt you can understand me, but at that moment, it was amazing when I found out my condition has a name, and I'm not the only one.

It was a miracle because at that moment, suddenly, all of the labels fell off me. I wasn’t a stupid kid, I wasn’t a dummy, and I wasn’t a student with a learning difficulty anymore. I was just colorblind.

The hope came back to me. I felt I could do everything, and it was one of the most incredible days of my life.

Some people believe that color blindness doesn't affect their life, and they adapt. Still, I can say probably they forget some part of their childhood, or they are not aware of how it impacts their life, their appearance, and even their career choices and, for some people, their dreams.

As a child that was always looking for a solution for color blindness, today, proudly, I made the world’s first training program for colorblind people. MY COMPANY were able to help thousands of people, including parents and children, adults, and colorblind designers and artists.

Everywhere I go, I openly talk about my color blindness to increase awareness. People can book a call with my team to ask their questions to ensure they are on the right path.

We are working with schools and educational sectors to adapt the classroom environment for colorblind students. Also, we help teachers learn what color blindness is and what they need to do. to ensure nobody is mislabeled like I was.

If you or your loved one is colorblind, take our online course and see exciting changes in a matter of days! There is no cure for color blindness, and ignoring colors would not make all the color-realted problems disappear.

COLORWILL is the first training company for the colorblind offering a variety of training courses, guidelines, and community. You can learn more about our online courses on our website, have in mind that we helped thousands of colorblind people with our courses and you can see thrilling changes in your life in less than a week!

1. Colorblind guide for Parents/Children

2. Colorblind guide for General Tips & Tricks 3. Colorblind guide for Artists & designers (The Creative)


GIFT FOR COLORBLIND If you are looking for useful products for your colorblind friend or a family member please check this website and support Sarah (colorblind designer) who designed many products for colorblind people. ***************************************

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Colorblind Children

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A Story For Colorblind Children

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Amir Kosari is a colorblind architect and designer.

He is the creator of the world's first online training program for colorblind people. Thousands of colorblind people (children, adults, and designers) who previously struggled with colors were helped by these FREE training programs.  Read more

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