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Proven Guide For Colorblind Artists & Designers

Understanding color schemes, navigating color codes, and choosing the right colors for your projects are all made easy with this course for colorblind artists & designers! 

Welcome To The Colorblind Guide

I want to congratulate you on starting this "Complete Guide" as a colorblind designer or artist.


You made a really smart decision!

If you are a colorblind Graphic Designer, 3D Illustrator, Interior Designer, Tattoo Artist, Photographer, Video Editor, Painter, Fashion Consultant or you have a color-related career or hobby, this course is for you!


In this program, we cover everything about colors for beginners and professionals. You will learn how to apply colors to improve your color choices and creativity.

What Will You Learn?


  • New Method Of Learning Colors

  • How To Work With Color Schemes And Apply Them To Your Projects

  • Understanding Color Psychology & Principles 

  • Unleash Your Potential By Adding More Colors 

  • Learn How To Work With Useful Applications & Websites

  • Learn How To Work With The Color Picker

  • Videos for different careers


"The Creative Course" provides motivational philosophies, educational material, and effective concepts to aid people who have a color vision deficiency.

I am the lead research scientist for Waggoner Diagnostics LLC, a company that designed several of the color vision tests the US Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, and FAA currently use to screen pilots. I can vouch that the color vision facts incorporated in the course are accurate and the educational material presented via video graphics are first-rate.

I would definitely recommend the course to artists and graphic designers. The course gives an easily understandable tutorial of the psychology of colors and is a resource of valuable online apps/websites to aid color deficient individuals.

Dr. Terrace L. Waggoner, Sr

Lead research scientist


“You should not abandon your hopes of a career in design because you are colorblind.”

Art is not just about colors. There are several colorblind artists who are very successful. Who said art is only about color? Art is many things, not only color but rather how you can express something with what you have.


As a colorblind person, you will experience things in a slightly different way in your life. If your career is related to colors you will experience more pressure sometimes. 

In the video below, we will look into the story of two special individuals who made a huge breakthrough in their careers despite their color vision deficiency. Tattoo artist Joel Swift Springer and photographer Cameron Bushong proved to the world that color blindness is not a limit; everything has its approach.

In this part, I will share more inspiring stories with you. We can all look at the examples of people who followed their dreams and learn how they did it. In this video, I will tell the story of Loren Long, a bestselling book illustrator who dreamed of becoming an artist as a child, and how his life changed when he discovered he was colorblind. His heartbreaking story of how he tried to keep his color blindness a secret to make a living I will also share the story of Esref Armagam, a famous Turkish artist who was blind at birth, and his story of "painting in the dark."

Why should I take this course?

Color impacts many aspects of your daily and professional decisions. Almost every job function now requires some access to computer software or mobile app. The Colorblind Guide training programs are designed to help you learn how to choose and match colors even if you can't see all of them.

I learned about colors in school. Why should I pay to learn the same thing again?

You will be surprised to see that all of the information you learned in the past started way before you knew you were colorblind. Back then, you might not have been aware of the colors that are not visible to you. Now that you know you are color deficient, your training will have a new meaning. You'll learn how to assess and select colors even if you can't see them.

How can this course help me?

You will learn new techniques and tricks. This course will help you to learn a new way of working with colors, improve your CV/Resume, boost your confidence, will give you knowledge that will take you to the next step in your field.

Let's begin

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