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What to Consider Before Purchasing Color blindness Glasses

“I can’t believe I lived my whole life missing out on stuff like this,” Logan Paul says.

It’s a compelling reaction, but what exactly is happening?

Does a world of grays and blacks really become Technicolor when a color-blind person puts on these glasses Luis Gómez Robledo, a professor in the Department of Optics at the University of Granada in Spain, put the glasses to the test last fall. “We received a lot of questions related to the colorblind glasses videos, where we can see people reacting to these filters, even in some TV programs where people started crying when they used the glasses, and we were quite skeptical,” he explained in an email. Robledo and his colleagues conducted a study with 48 color-blind volunteers and found that the glasses don’t cure color-blindness.

“None of the participants noticed any improvement to the colors of their surroundings when looking through the glasses,” the researchers wrote in a study, published in October 2018, except for one female patient.

On another hand, many people were so happy with their experience with the glasses and being able to see more colors.

The question is how much we can trust these types of emotional videos? Does everyone have the same experience? if not, why we don't see any video about those people that glasses didn't work for them?

Here is a video of Logan Paul in Dec 2019 that he explained how he faked it!!

What to Consider Before Purchasing Color blindness Glasses

Cost is a concern for the average consumer. These glasses may be a luxury item for many individuals, because they can cost several hundred dollars. It’s important for people to have realistic expectations of how much these glasses might or might not help them before they buy. Colorblindness-correcting glasses are generally not covered by insurance because colorblindness doesn’t affect a person’s health, so treatment isn’t medically necessary.

There are other devices designed to enhance contrast between colors, such as hunting glasses and contrast-increasing filters for photography that may benefit some people. But products other than colorblindness-correcting devices like EnChroma glasses weren’t developed specifically to address the experience of people with color blindness.

Dr. Schwab adds, "The [Enchroma] inventors understood visual physiology, color deficiency, and had a thorough understanding of the physics of optics and optical filters. With that combined knowledge they were able to select rare earth minerals that exactly matched the filter restrictions needed to enrich the glasses to address this color deficiency. It’s an elegant meld of curiosity and education to address a problem."

Are There Other Ways to Treat Colorblindness?

Researchers have developed a gene therapy that has successfully allowed red-green colorblind monkeys to see new colors. While promising, this therapy has not yet been tested in humans.

What is a good solution for colorblind people?

To find out about the right solution we need to understand the problem first.

Colorblind glasses is part of the solution for your color blindness, but without learning about colors & how to apply them, it's just a tool.

To find out about the right solution we need to understand the problem first. In the first place, colorblind people can not see the colors, so how we can solve it? Here is where colorblind glasses are very useful. with this tool you can see more colors, but can we assume it will solve all of your problems? Glasses don't work for everyone and even if they work you need to know how long you can keep them and using them? One year? two Years or five years? I try to tell you that this is not a long term solution. Can you carry it with yourself every where?

Another thing is when people talking with me about their experience with glasses I notice that they don't use them much after a few months. I don't know why


A good solution should bring some real changes to our life, for example, they should be able to match colors or matching their outfit this is at least we can expect, right?

After two years of researching, we are sure that the main problem of colorblind people is that they learned about colors with normal vision people and as we know color blindness neglected by educational systems all around the world. As a result, colorblind people will ignore colors in their life and don't pay attention to it anymore, just like how our brain ignores our noise in front of our sight.

THE LATEST SOLUTION for colorblind people is an educational training system designed for colorblind people to teach them how to use and apply colors. they can carry this knowledge everywhere and they will feel more confident. They can use glasses to see colors and then by the knowledge they can bring colors to their life which is very important.

Research shows that colors play a very important part of our life, it affects our lifestyle, confidence, appearance, social life, relationship, and job opportunities. Colors even have an impact on our overall well-being, which showed in a famous Color therapy.

Did you notice how at times simple tasks take up so much time? Let say you want to buy something and you choose a color, or how sometimes at your workplace you find yourself frustrated with color related tasks. So living with color blindness does affect us way more than we thought. That’s why many colorblind people avoid mentioning their condition.

A good and reliable solution should cover the following needs:

  • It solves the problem completely (For colorblind people this option doesn't exist yet).​

  • Considered as a long term solution.

  • Works for everyone, and be available everywhere.

  • At reasonable and affordable price

I believe that educational training can be a great solution to all the most common problems a colorblind person face with in life.

"Knowledge is the key"

The FIRST Online Educational Courses For Colorblind People where you will learn all the latest tip and tricks to use colors in short time.

  • First Standard Guide For Colorblind People From kindergarten to universities, color training for art, science, and business applications is taught by people who can see color, leaving the colorblind guessing their way through school, work, and daily life. 

  • Refine Your Life Struggling with colors doing some simple daily tasks or want to learn some basics? This is your chance to "refine" your life and get all of the best strategies for taking control of your color choices.

  • Color Training For Adults This course will be a great solution for people who are tired of guessing colors of things, or buying a wrong color shirt, wearing not matching socks, and keeping colorblindness as a secret – It’s for those who want to uncover a new way to approach colors.

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Amir Kosari is a colorblind architect and designer.

He is the creator of the world's first online training program for colorblind people. Thousands of colorblind people (children, adults, and designers) who previously struggled with colors were helped by these FREE training programs.  Read more

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