What Careers Are Restricted For Colorblind People?

Many people do not know they are colorblind till they decide to pursue their dream career, and at times that career path requires a color-vision test.

The result can come in as a total shock! The whole livelihood of a person depends on passing the test.

List of Restricted Careers for Colorblind People

Professions: Pilot, medicine, industrial engineering, firefighting, doctor, navy, military, electrician, public driver, designer and law enforcement, police, artist, chef, florist and many more restrict or even ban colorblind people from some positions. But we can’t blame them, can we?!

In some cases, people feel they have been wrongly excluded from certain careers or jobs, so they fight back. They feel color blindness does not affect their ability to perform important tasks, so they continue to pursue their dreams.

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Restricted Careers for Colorblind People

Different Countries Have Different Laws, So Before You Give Up On Your Dream Job Directly Contact The Organization You Like To Work For.
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When it comes to careers it can be a very broad spectrum, ranging from mixing paint to those that require a person to operate machinery, deal with color-coded wires, or read colored dashboards. So color vision deficiency can have a profound influence on a person’s choice of occupation.

Restricted Careers for Colorblind People

After all, doctors should be able to decree the right diagnosis for patients, designers should be able to create perfect color combinations for their clients, product analyzers must know the psychology behind each color, drivers must react to stoplights, and chefs should know if the food is fully cooked.

There are many doctors who are color blind and it has not hindered them in their careers. I suppose there are some branches of medicine where acuity in color vision is required like histopathology or biochemistry but, by and large, color blindness should not deter you from the choice of most of the other specialties.

Generally, people hide their condition from employers and colleagues, even if it is not formally banned. Unless they 'have to pass the color vision test for certain careers.

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List of Restricted Careers for Colorblind People

  • Pilot

  • Doctor

  • Firefighting

  • Navy

  • Military

  • Electrician

  • Public driver

  • Medicine

  • Law enforcement

  • Police Officer

  • Truck drivers

  • Medicine

  • Chef

  • Florist

  • Designer

  • Artist

  • Fashion

  • Graphic designer

  • Web designer

  • Interior designer

  • Painter

  • Engineers: There are multiple types of careers in engineering such as chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering where colored sight is needed. Defective color vision is a safety problem in the engineering industry.

Different Countries Have Different Laws, So Before You Give Up On Your Dream Job Directly Contact The Organization You Like To Work For.


Almost all the articles on the internet talk about the problems that come with being colorblind. However, the good news is, there are also advantages.

Read this article: 10 Shocking Advantages of Being Colorblind

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Are there currently any treatments for color-blindness?

There are no preventative treatments as it's genetic. However colored filters, spectacles, and contact lenses have been introduced that can alter someone's color perception. They might allow the wearer to see a few more colors or colors nearer to how a person with normal color vision would see them, but it doesn't really solve the issue. Color blindness affects so many aspects of our life. You can learn some tips & tricks at this online training course designed for colorblind people.


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