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Children’s Books about Color Blindness

What is color blindness?

Color blindness is not blindness at all, but rather a condition that prevents a person from distinguishing certain colors from each other. Color blindness most commonly occurs when the color-detecting nerve cells in the back of the eye (cones) do not respond appropriately to certain wavelengths of light that allow for color vision.

Color blindness affects:

Over 350 million people worldwide

1 in 12 are male 1 in 200 are female




Best Story for colorblind Children. The story presents color blindness in a GOOD LIGHT.

coloeblind children's book "play with color" - Amir Kosari

Your Child Will Understand He Is So Special And Unique Just The Way He Is.

Fred is Olivia’s best friend at school. He always uses the wrong colors in his drawings, and he is very popular because of his creativity! One day all the students in the class decide to color everything with the wrong colors, like Fred, to see their teacher's reaction. While all the students have fun with their surprise, Their teacher explains that we all see colors differently. Some of us can't see all the colors or see them as another color; for example, purple appears as blue.



Coloring book for colorblind children - coloring with a written guide for colorblind children.

Color has a very close relationship with everyone. For children with color vision deficiency, helping them to identify colors, guiding them to view art correctly, and learning about drawing and coloring are even more important.

Using the wrong colors in the drawing is very common among colorblind people. Colorblind children can find these mistakes very embarrassing and it can affect their confidence, especially in school.

colorblind book - coloring book for colorblind children

This coloring book is the new method invented by Amir Kosari, a colorblind designer, to guide children with drawing and boost their confidence by seeing the end result in their drawing.

This drawing book will help children to memorize the colors of things such as animals, flowers, and everything around them as well.

This coloring book is the right coloring book for all colorblind children to learn colors and enjoy drawing without feeling embarrassed.

color blind children guide for parents

Exuberant redhead Erik always tries his best, but he just can’t understand why he’s missing homework questions at school and messing up at soccer practice. Then one day in art class everyone notices that Erik’s painted a picture of himself with green hair! It turns out he’s not just creative, he’s color blind, too.


All About Color Blindness: A Guide to Color Vision Deficiency for Kids (and Grown-ups too) Kindle Edition | by Karen Rae Levine

Corey, a fourth-grader, explains how his color deficiency caused problems in kindergarten. Along the way Corey learns about the special way he sees colors. His color confusion is a physical condition that many people share. Corey's story is followed by a simple explanation of CVD--what it is, how many people have it, how they got it, the kind of problems it might cause and suggestions about how to deal with CVD.


Seeing Color: It's My Rainbow, Too Paperback |September 15, 2003

Seeing Color: It's My Rainbow, Too is t on the subject of color vision deficiency (CVD), commonly called "color blindness," which affects 1:12 males and 1:200 females worldwide.

The book contains valuable information for older children and can be read to and discussed with younger children.



Linda on Facebook:

My son has just been diagnosed as being red-green colorblind. He’s at school and is five. So far, we’ve only discussed that “sometimes he sees some colors differently” but he’s increasingly getting aware that this happens a lot. Have you any suggestions as to what an age-appropriate explanation might be for him? I don’t want him to feel lacking in some way or scared, but I think it would help him cope more if he had some kind of understanding of what to expect. I’d be very grateful for any suggestions you could give.

Let me guess what questions you have in mind as a parent with a colorblind child:

  1. How do I explain this to him?

  2. How do I understand how he sees the world? (I can't seem to get my head around this.)

  3. Should I make any changes around the house?

  4. Should I point him in any direction/away from some activities?

  5. Does he need any visual aids?

  6. What kind of doctor should I take him to?

You probably searched a lot till now and talked with a few people about it, but how much you can trust the advice that you get from people on the internet?

I saw many responses to these types of questions and let's review some of them together:

  • I often buy yellow accessories and clothing. It’s pretty popular right now so easy to find.

  • As a colorblind person, I'd suggest not avoiding red or green. Give your child as many colors as YOU like, he will perceive them in his/her way. Your child might find a favorite color besides yellow or blue...

  • Please don’t make this a sad thing- he/she can see many colors in sunsets and rainbows, just sees them differently.

  • Nothing to be heartbroken about. I'm a red-green CD and I wasn't diagnosed till I was 13. Never been a huge issue, usually, I just ask if I don't know the color or can see/find the one I'm looking for.

  • Don’t stress out. Your child doesn’t know what's missing unless someone tells him. Seeing the world differently can be a gift.

  • If you can afford it, I highly recommend the colorblind glasses.

  • "Hello. I am completely colorblind- I see no colors at all. I don't know any different and I am used to it. A sunrise or sunset is nothing special to me at all, but I don't feel sad about it. I appreciate the shapes and smells of flowers."

  • Tell his teachers when he goes to school. Most things in pre-school/early elementary are color-coded (ex: count the green triangles). Also, make sure to never peel the labels off of the crayons.

Maybe you agree with some of the points above or maybe not. The question is, what advice sounds right for you because they all can have a long-term effect on your child's life.

What Do You Need?

Colorblind children can only rely on the support of their parents to learn about colors. If your child is colorblind, you need to learn more about color deficiency and get the best advice to help your child in this journey. 

The good news is, COLORWILL company created online courses and training for colorblind adults and artists and recently started to work on a project to help parents with colorblind children.

The online training will be divided into 3 - sections:

1. What parents need to know?

  • All the necessary information for parents. As a parent, you need to learn the right information to be able to understand your child's condition to be able to give the best support to your child. In this section, you can watch several videos to understand what is color deficiency by seeing examples and learning step-by-step processes to help your child.

  1. Impact of Color Blindness

  2. What to do first?

  3. Informative Videos About Colors

  4. See From The Eyes Of A Colorblind

  5. Types Of Color Blindness

  6. How To Share The News?

  7. Do And Don't As A Parent

  8. 25 Actions To Help Your Child ​

  9. Action Step - Game-training

To learn more Click Here

color blind children guide for parents

2. Education materials and videos for children

  • Fun & engaging videos for children. We made a new method of learning about colors to help colorblind children from an early age. In the videos, they will watch songs and animations to help them know the colors of different things, (colorblind people memorize the colors of the things).

  • The most important part of this section is that there is a video that explains colorblindness to kids by bringing some examples of people that have supervision, and showing how color blindness is a unique vision. Children can even watch this video at school to increase awareness about this unique condition.

  1. Education For Children

  2. Color blindness Explained for Children 

  3. Primary & Secondary Colors Musical Videos

  4. Color Of Things

  5. Draw With Me

color blind children guide for parents

3. Tips for Teachers/or Schools with Colorblind Students

  • We share valuable tips & advice for teachers to provide the best learning practice to colorblind students' at kindergartens and schools.

Learn More




Colorblind Children

Coloring book for colorblind children.jpg

A Story For Colorblind Children

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Amir Kosari is a colorblind architect and designer.

He is the creator of the world's first online training program for colorblind people. Thousands of colorblind people (children, adults, and designers) who previously struggled with colors were helped by these FREE training programs.  Read more

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