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Symbols That Include Colors for Colorblind people

ColoraADD is a sign code for aiding colorblind people to recognize colors, developed by Portuguese graphic designer and professor at the University of Minho, Miguel Neiva.

With color being used for communication so much in day to day life, let alone if you're a graphic designer, color blindness must post regular challenges for those affected by the condition.

With the ColourADD system, recognizing and utilizing color is now possible.

The ColorADD code is based on three graphic symbols representing the three primary colors.

Through the acquired knowledge of the “Color Addition Theory” taught in the early scholar years, the symbols can be related and the entire color pallet graphically identified. Black and White appear to indicate dark and light tones. Symbols that include colors, becomes "a mental game" easy to memorize and apply in daily.

Five simple symbols represent the Primary Colors - Blue (Cyan), Yellow and Red (Magenta), plus Black and White.

You don't need to memorize any of these symbols in this part.

Adding (mixing) two Primary Colors, allows new composed symbols that represent the Secondary Colors (Green, Orange and Purple). Adding a Primary and a Secondary symbol enables once more new composed symbols performing Tertiary Colors, and so long.

As follows, grey appears represented in two tones - Light grey and Dark grey. Adding the parenthesis before the symbol you get the gold and the silver tones.

If Your Child Is Colorblind Download This Step-By-Step Guide for Parents. K-12

A step by step guide for parents with co
Download • 434KB

ColorADD is a unique, universal, inclusive, and non-discriminate language that enables the colorblind to identify colors, with a wide infinite spectrum of use on companies/entities whenever color is a factor of identification, orientation, or choice.


Each and every implementation is for everyone not specifically towards colorblind. ColorADD born for all, allowing integration while keeping the privacy of colorblind - including without discriminating. ColorADD creates added economic and social value to companies or entities that use the code, by offering to their consumers an innovative product with a strong social footprint.

ColorADD is already implemented in several areas such as Clothing, Textiles and Shoes (labeling and catalogs), Pencils, Textbooks Publishers, Transports (Subway maps), City Administration (e.g. Maps, Signage, Accessibility, Selective Garbage, Schools ), Health (Accessibility and pharmaceutical labeling), Food Retails (Traffic light nutrition label), Photoluminescent Safety Signs, Didactic Games, Solid Waste Industry, General Industry (Products and Catalogs), Information Technology (APP, Color WEB Picker) among others, achieving expertise through strong partnerships and creating replicate clusters fundamental to deploy the code, cross-sector at a global scale.


The code can be implemented through “license utilization”, for companies or institutions. License fees are adapted to each partner dimension and a pro-bono model is delivered for schools and universities.

Some people think that it will be hard to memorize all of those symbols,let me know what do you think about this color system in the comment.




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Colorblind Children

Coloring book for colorblind children.jpg

A Story For Colorblind Children

Color Names Sticker.gif

Amir Kosari is a colorblind architect and designer.

He is the creator of the world's first online training program for colorblind people. Thousands of colorblind people (children, adults, and designers) who previously struggled with colors were helped by these FREE training programs.  Read more

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