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Life of one Color Blind man

I'm going along in my day; I usually don't think about my color deficiency. However, it is a problem very frequently.

  • I don't realize when my sheets have stains on them.

  • I can't tell how ripe fruits are.

  • I have trouble telling if my food's cooked thoroughly enough.

  • Green crayons look red, and vice versa

  • I saw flamingos in person for the first time in at least a very long time, and they were white. No mom, I don't believe it. That ain't pink. Crazy people.

I probably don't match my clothing in color all that well. I have a shirt that my friends say is green on the main part and grey on the sleeves. But one of those colors Has to be pink, I think, I just Know it!

Unless it's in the fullest of lighting, I can't tell what fruit that is. Grape tomato, grape, or blueberry?—some grapes can be surprising small and blueberries big—. Honey dew melon, watermelon, cantaloupe? Cantaloupe or pineapple? I like to eat my fruits by type, rather than mixing them together.

I can't pick red fruit. I've tried and have been unable to find very many. I remember once when I was picking strawberries or tomatoes, I can't remember, and I found a few in the bush, and went to my mom, who thought I just wasn't trying hard enough. She eventually came out to do it herself and found a whole bunch more and I couldn't believe it—they hadn't been there! She later said it's probably because of my color deficiency.


LED lights and neon purple hurt my eyes really badly. I hadn't thought this was because of the color vision deficiency, but I researched it and it appears so. I've walked down streets with LED lights on the lampposts and houses; no, I do not want to go see the Christmas decorations, what, are you crazy? A student at school once had the background of her Google Slides project as a bright purple and I couldn't bear to look at it. My friend asked me if I was okay; everyone else was fine with the color.


Maps are the worst. They put similar colors next to each other ALL OF THE TIME. Have you ever seen the maps that are all one color, just slightly different shades of it? Why the hell would anyone make such a map? That's torture.

I have gotten a lot of sunburns, and I don't notice them unless they're really red. I never really understood that thing about how people's faces will look red sometimes, eg if they're blushing. It looks pretty normal. I also won't notice bruises.

I can't tell what color people's eyes are. This makes me really sad because I'd like to know and I think people respond favorably to when people know this, but I can't tell. I'd have to ask them, and that feels weird.

Tear the wrapper off any crayon and you've eliminated my security.

We can't be police officers, or some sorts of engineers and doctors. There are other professions included; we can't become as high ranked a pilot as normal people can.

People don't understand what I mean. I have a couple of instances of this.

In seventh grade, the teacher had red and orange as the colors for something, those colors representing something. She's written on the board in those colors. I had to come in late and didn't understand the differences so asked a friend. I think I said, 'Which one's red?' and he told me what the red represented. It took about a minute to clarify. He just couldn't think of the possibility that I'd ask which one was colored in which color. He wasn't used to that.

In eighth grade, the math teacher always wrote on the board, using different colors. He often would have projections from on-line. I always needed to clarify what was each color, since he loved to use colors to show things, so much.

Most of my friends won't tell me what color something is if I ask. They jokingly claim it's something that I can tell it obviously isn't. They tease me for it.

Remember this? The Color Wheel?

They got the colors all wrong!

Oh, it isn't?






I could keep listing things, but I'll leave it at this—How many colors do you see in a rainbow, when you look at one outside? Seven? Six?

I see yellow over there…and blue on the other side.

Thanks a lot, genetics. My rainbows are only two colors. People always say rainbows are really pretty, or something.

Well I don't get it. They don't look special. I normally wouldn't even notice them.

I guess it's cool most people get to see them in all of the colors, so I'm happy for their sakes.

But I still wish I could…I mean, yellow and blue?!?! That's lame.


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Colorblind Children

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A Story For Colorblind Children

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Amir Kosari is a colorblind architect and designer.

He is the creator of the world's first online training program for colorblind people. Thousands of colorblind people (children, adults, and designers) who previously struggled with colors were helped by these FREE training programs.  Read more

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