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My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me Because I'm Colorblind (Anonymous)

Today I understood how much color blindness has affected my life, and now it also hurt my feelings. This story can happen to you, my friend, so I think it's worth sharing.

Is it just a bad dream…

Morning of February 5, 2020, I woke up feeling tired of listening to bad news about corona-virus on TV, and decided to spend the first half an hour of my day watching some videos on YouTube.

How crazy is this year {2020}! It's just one bad news after another.

Give us a break 2020, I screamed silently in my mind.

And I can tell you this, what I really didn't want to hear is another bad news…

At 9 AM I heard my phone ringing, and it was HER. The girl of my dreams.

I didn’t remember the last time she woke up this early during these lock down days, so my first thought was “something happened”.

“Whats up babe? Is everything OK?”

“Yes” she replied “But we need to talk”

Oh, we all know this “we need to talk” phrase, don't we. Am I in trouble? Thoughts of ‘every’ possible thing I could’ve done to upset her just flashed in mind in that few seconds.

“You don't need to say no more, just tell me WHY?” I whispered quietly.

Today, I wish I didn't know why. Because the reason was ‘ME’.

My color blindness messed up my relationships. Can you believe it?! I still struggled to digest it in my mind for the whole day.

So at this point you probably think, so Mr. X how can something like that ruin a relationship? It must’ve been something else!

No, my friends there is no mystery. My color blindness did mess up my relationship. How?

There are a lot of things a guy won't say or easily share, and many of those things can have a big impact on our life (relationship) without us noticing it.





I was bullied back in school when I was a kid. Kids from other classes started to pick up on me when they found out I couldn't see some colors. It was fun for them. I grow up as a shy and not very social 27 years old guy, who avoids too many interactions with “humans”.

Who feels uncomfortable going to crowded friends’ gatherings and parties with his girlfriend.

A guy who feels scared to buy flowers for his girl, just because “how the hell do I know what color they are.

A guy who feels uncomfortable going to fancy places, cause all I’ve got is 5 black t-shirts, a few white ones and two pairs of jeans. My dad is not a fancy dresser himself, he is a regular guy from a small town, so I didn't have anyone to teach me how to do this ‘outfit thing’, I wish I knew how to dress well.

Men’s world is different these days. The guys - they all look very stylish, dressing with brands, and it's attractive for girls. They have the confidence to be in any place with any kind of people.

But for me, with all the money in the world, I can't be like those guys. My color blindness affected me in many ways, and today I finally can admit it - February, 2020.

"She was a rainbow but he was colorblind"



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Amir Kosari is a colorblind architect and designer.

He is the creator of the world's first online training program for colorblind people. Thousands of colorblind people (children, adults, and designers) who previously struggled with colors were helped by these FREE training programs.  Read more

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