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Symptoms Of Color Blindness (CVD), Latest Treatments & Solutions

The symptoms of color blindness can range from mild to severe. Many people have such mild symptoms that they are unaware that they have a color deficiency. Parents may only notice a problem with a child when he is learning his colors. 1

Males have a 1 in 12 chance of being colorblind, women can be affected as well, but it is much less common.

The terminology of the "colorblind" word can be misleading. Most colorblind people can see many colors but not as broad as others. Red-green color deficiency is the most common type. In each school class, there is on average one colorblind child.

What Are the Symptoms and Causes of Color Blindness?

The symptoms can vary from slight to severe, and some symptoms are so mild that the person afflicted isn’t even aware of the deficiency.

The symptoms of Color Blindness include:

using the wrong colors for an object, Like red leaves or pink sky.

Inability to tell the difference between shades of the same or similar colors. This happens most with red and green, or blue and yellow.

If your child has color blindness, he might see colors like red, green, brown, and orange as the same.

If you've ever noticed your child’s creations have colors that might not be ‘correct’, then there’s a chance they could have color vision problems.

What Causes Color Blindness?

Color blindness is a genetic condition caused by a difference in how one or more of the light-sensitive cells found in the retina of the eye respond to certain colors. These cells, called cones, sense wavelengths of light, and enable the retina to distinguish between colors. This difference in sensitivity in one or more cones can make a person color blind.

Is There Any Treatment for Color Blindness?

Inherited color blindness is something you are born with and is a lifelong condition. There is no known treatment. Recently, color blindness correcting glasses have been developed to help some people improve their ability to distinguish colors. However, this only works for a certain type of color blindness.

Can Color Blindness Affect My Child’s Future?

It is not a severe limitation as they learn to adapt by looking for other cues, such as brightness or location. Color blindness can make certain jobs more difficult, such as electricians, designers, painters, cooks, and military pilots, but color is a powerful form of communication and plays a vital role in your daily life. It can sway thinking, change actions and cause reactions.

Our ability to see in color can impacts career choices. That’s why many colorblind people avoid mentioning their condition, fearing they might be judged or miss out on opportunities.

Is There Anything I Can Do?

Color blindness affects so many aspects of colorblind person's life without he/she noticing it. If you are colorblind and you like to learn some tips & tricks then my suggestion is to start an Online Training Course designed for people with color vision deficiency.

You just need to learn about colors with different methods. Here is the link if you are interested:



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