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5 Best Solutions for Colorblind People (CVD)

There are useful products to help colorblind people to use colors correctly. All people with color deficiency must know about these products and start to use some of them.

Most Common Problems for Colorblind People

  • Can't tell how ripe fruits are.

  • Having trouble telling if food is cooked thoroughly enough.

  • Green crayons look red, and vice versa.

  • Matching outfits or seeing the color of clothes

  • Can't tell what color people's eyes are.

  • Can't see the colors of the rainbow

  • The colors on the whiteboard look only black.

  • Cannot design environment: home/office

  • Show lack of confidence when it comes to color-related decisions

  • Struggle with projects related to colors

If you are new to color blindness at first you should learn about different types of color blindness.

Colorblind people use some tricks in any color-related situation to handle the situation. One of the most common tricks we all use is memorizing the color of everything eg; blueberry is not blue, it is purple, cucumber is green color, leaves are green, and the tree trunk is brown.

In some situations like shopping, it's hard to guess the colors because usually yellow shorts could be light green, or a pair of brown shoes could be dark red. As a result, most people with color deficiency struggle with shopping and usually wear a few colors such as; black, gray, white, and blue.

1. Use Mobile Applications Designed for Colorblind People to Help You Identify Colors

You can take a picture of anything you want and by pointing to the items in the image the app will tell you the color.

Here are our favorites - Color Grab, Color Picker & Color Detector

(look for them in your app store & play store).

Use Mobile Applications Designed for Colorblind People to Help You Identify Colors

If you care about your appearance and you are aware of the impact, there is a simple tool that can help you a lot besides using mobile applications.

2. Color Wheel & Theory of Colors

What colors go well together?

We can only answer this question by using the color wheel and learning about color theory. Don't panic! it's not hard and I guarantee you can use it and then you will see how this simple tool can help you to use colors easily.

Color wheel & Color theory for colorblind people

The color wheel displays the relationships between the colors, which is color theory. for example with this tool you can understand yellow and purple match with each other, Red and green go well together, that's why we see them so much at Christmas, blue and orange are another match.

To learn more about color combination and shopping you can read this article Choosing Clothes For Colorblind People and watch this video. This video is part of the online courses for colorblind people provided by Colorblind Guide.

3. Colorblind Glasses

Colorblind glasses like EnChroma & Pilestone can help a colorblind person distinguish between colors like purple and blue, or brown and green color. Colorblind glasses for color-blind people may improve the wearer's ability to perceive color contrast, vibrancy, and depth. These glasses are made with certain minerals to absorb and filter out some of the wavelengths between green and red that could confuse the brain.

Color blindness-correcting glasses will not change color perception for people whose deficiency is caused by a complete absence of red or green photoreceptors. And the positive effects of the glasses last only as long as they are being worn. The glasses don't in any way modify a person's photoreceptors, optic nerves, or visual cortex to fix colorblindness. 1

Again, this is not a cure, and the results do vary. Color perception is often different for each person so everyone’s experience will not be the same. Many users of colorblind glasses said the glasses didn't work for them at all.

If you are thinking about buying colorblind glasses for yourself, or your child, or giving them as a gift to someone, read 5 Tips Before Buying Colorblind Glasses to make sure it is a good idea or not.

4. Use Color Names Stickers

It's difficult to find products to help colorblind people to use colors correctly. Color-name stickers are one of the most useful products that can have a big impact on colorblind people's lives.

Color names sticker , labeling color names for colorblind people

Labeling colors is one of the most common strategies that help colorblind people at school or work. It can help them never miss important information and fully understand the subject. For example, teachers can use labels for charts and graphs or use colored name stickers for colored pencils/markers for drawing.

Color name stickers are not just for children, so many colorblind artists, painters, and designers use these stickers to prevent mistakes in their works.

5. Use Colorblind Mode Option

You can use Color Filters on your specific device to help you differentiate between colors.

You can find more information below:

Apple Devices: Tap for more info!

Android Devices: Tap for more info!

Windows 10: Tap for more info!

The good news is that many video game companies started to add a colorblind mode option in their video game.

In addition to the UI Colorblind Mode option, you can now select and customize one of three different colorblind filters. To activate colorblind mode:

  1. While in-game, select Game Menu or press Escape.

  2. Click Interface.

  3. Select Accessibility.


If you are a colorblind artist or designer, and you wish to apply more colors to your projects, start your dream career, or become an expert in your field read more in How to Become A Successful Colorblind Designer Without Being Able To See Colors?

For parents with a colorblind child, there is a good article to read: How Can I Help My Child With Color Blindness?

Are there currently any treatments for color blindness?

There are no preventative treatments as it's genetic. However colored filters, spectacles, and contact lenses have been introduced that can alter someone's color perception.

Color blindness affects so many aspects of our lives. You can learn some tips & tricks at this online training course designed for colorblind people. Click on the links below:


  • TIPS & TRICKS FOR TIPS & TRICKS +12 Click Here


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